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A Better Way Of Doing Business

Hi I’m Nathan Grima, Managing Director of Print To Post.

In 2008 I witnessed first hand the crippling devastation of the Global Financial Crisis on the Print & Direct Mail industry. With a number of the largest suppliers forced to shutdown, many customers were unable to send out important mail and transition to a new supplier quick enough.

I realised then that the problem was not the ability to put ink on paper or documents in envelopes, it was that the data and relationships that drive the important execution are more valuable than the machines used to deliver the operational requirements.

It was soon after that I started Print to Post.

Fast forward 10 years and with the combination of our trusted global supplier network and in-house data specialists we’ve provided global solutions for some of the largest ASX200-listed companies in Australia and we'd love the change to work with you too.

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Your Success

But enough about us – let’s talk about you!

You’re here because you’re looking for a new print and mail supplier to solve a specific problem you have.

You're in luck! We’re problem solvers!

Our innovative approach to printing and mailing is simple;


  1. Maximise savings through data enrichment and consolidation
  2. Save time through localised production
  3. Scale solutions globally through automation