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Direct Mail

Personalisation is no longer just “Dear John.” If you’re not using rich customer data to deliver a truly personalised 1:1 conversation then you’re missing out.

Our team of data specialists use innovative personalisation tools to bring your entire DM campaign to life and alongside our global network of mail houses and digital printers we have the ability to execute your campaigns quickly and effectively (sometimes next day) reducing postage costs and increasing speed to market.

direct mail
Data Enriching

On average, postage makes up over 60% of your direct mail budget. By utilising our suite of data cleansing and enriching services, we ensure that your direct mail campaign delivers higher cut-through and a higher rate of conversion.

We can enrich your internal customer data with external insights or even consolidate billing data with marketing's. Let us be outcome driven and partner with Print to Post to deliver your next DM campaign.

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Direct Mail

We send thousands of direct mail pieces every day. By consolidating each day's run we minimise setup costs and can deliver cost effective daily campaigns to reach your audience quicker.

At the other end of the scale, by splitting campaigns nationally, we can execute campaigns in the hundreds of thousands in only a few days whilst reducing postage costs. Don't be limited to what your current mailhouse can produce each day.

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Plastic Wrapping

Your mum may have told you "not to judge a book by its cover" but the magazine flysheet still plays an essential role in defining and selling your brand.

That's why our range of biodegradable plastics continue to be used to maximise the brand exposure on some of Australia's most loved magazines and catalogues.

A Personal Touch

There has never been so much digital clutter, so there has never been a better time to reach your audience in a very tactile and personal way.

By partnering with Print to Post, we can help you deliver unique, cutting-edge direct mail pieces that deliver amazing cut-through. We love our clients and are very proud to have facilitated the printing and delivery of some amazing marketing pieces over the past 15 years. Here are a few examples.

Let’s start your Direct Mail Campaign now!