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Letterbox Marketing

No longer a scatter-gun approach, more like a laser-guided missle…

Finding new customers via Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail Service (UMS) has been proven as an effective way to find more local buyers. Using customer insights Print to Post can help identify and target household groups with the similar demographics and buying habits as your current spenders and coordinate the print, sorting and distribution all under one roof.

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Unaddress Mail (UMS) vs Letterbox Distribution - What's the Difference?

Unaddressed Mail can be delivered by either Australia Post (UMS) or independent walkers (which is significantly cheaper). The key service difference between the two, other than the deliverability, is that independent walkers bundle their advertising together whilst Australia Post "posties" deliver UMS alongside addressed mail like bills and letters.

What's been proven is that despite the significantly higher cost per piece, UMS delivers up to a 3x better ROI than independent walkers. This is why Print to Post only offers Australia Post's Unaddressed Mail Service. Because we care about your marketing results and will always work alongside you to make your marketing spend go further.

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